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Almost Half a Million Raised for Women and Children at The 2017 Ukhamba Giving Circle

Generous South Africans raised almost half a million rand for women’s groups at the Ukhamba Giving Event hosted by the Southern Africa Trust, on October 26, in Johannesburg.

Ukhamba falls under the umbrella of the change4ever campaign, which is one of the Trust’s key initiatives aimed at promoting social giving as a tool to eradicate poverty. The campaign’s main objectives are raising awareness, public participation and direct-from-public fundraising.

The event was attended by members of the public, media, funding partners of the Trust; Ford Foundation; Mott Foundation; and a representative from the Board of the Trust, Shireen Motara.

“We created a giving platform and named it Ukhamba because collectively we are that clay pot where others drink from. Ukhamba was established four years ago and more than ten organisations have benefited from the initiative,” said Bhekinkosi Moyo, Executive Director at the Trust.

“We have raised money in all our giving platforms but most importantly, we have raised lifetime friends,” he said.

The funds will be shared by four organisations, namely: Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre (TLAC), Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE), Ikholwa Community Services and Hope Rises Solar.

Keynote speaker Kunyalala Maphisa, CEO and Co-founder of SubSaharan Concessions, encouraged the audience to share her belief that everyone can take part in philanthropy.

“The Southern Africa Trust, through the Ukhamba initiative, reminds us that we can package what we already do every day for greater impact. Small gifts go a long way to organisations that need them most,” said Maphisa.

During the pledging session, which was facilitated by media personality and Master of Ceremonies Mapaseka Mokwele, each organization was given six minutes to present its work and motivate why they should receive financial assistance, among other forms of extending goodwill.

Members of the audience were then given six minutes to ask questions before pledging towards the respective beneficiaries.
TLAC aims to provide women and girls with access to direct legal representation. The clinic will reduce the uncertainty associated with relying on the availability of pro-bono attorneys and advocates. The clinic focuses on matters relating to domestic violence, sexual offences, divorce and maintenance.

We have perpetrators roaming the streets. The solution is a much-needed legal clinic which specialises in violence against women and children – Nondumiso Nsibande, TLAC.

Funds raised for the clinic will help ensure that legal cases do not fall through the cracks of the justice system.

TCOE is based in the Western Cape and runs a programme that anchors the fight against Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) with a focus on remedial activities for children born with and affected by FAS. The project seeks to educate women on alcohol abuse during and after pregnancy as a preventative way of combating FAS.

A remedial centre will allow us to build on the work we’ve been doing – Mercia Andrews, TCOE.

Funds raised for TCOE will assist the organization in continuing to create a space in which women are taught, children are helped, and psychosocial support is provided to families.

Ikholwa Community Services is a children’s home based in Weltevreden Park. The organization aims to provide hope and improve the lives of vulnerable babies and children by partnering with government efforts and interested members of society. Ikholwa comprises three houses, each accommodating six children, namely: a boys’ home, a girls’ home and a babies’/toddlers’ home.

Quality can change the livelihood of children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds – Ulrike Mann, Ikholwa Community Services.
Funds raised for Ikholwa will assist in providing quality education for the children in their homes and also help in ensuring a better future for them.

Hope Rises Solar runs a Women’s Electrification Programme aimed at bringing solar technologies to informal settlements in the North-West province. Hope Rises aims to provide solar products to 100 informal settlements in North West. The initiative will benefit 100 homes with clean electricity technologies.

Solar is a clean abundant resource which we need to make better use of – Adele Boadzo, Hope Rises Solar.

Funds raised for Hope Rises Solar will help train women in the basics pertaining to business. Skills acquired by women will equip them to become social entrepreneurs, who will, in turn, sell solar products and raise awareness of solar products in their communities.

Award winning-singer Berita kept the audience entertained with her Afro-soul music. “I love developing my continent and I love being in a room with people who share the same sentiments,” she gushed.

Mr Briggs Bomba, who made pledges regarding education and women abuse, said he was encouraged to give because these two social issues were of critical importance and close to his heart.

“Supporting survivors of abuse will help them regain their voice and reclaim their power,” he said. “By investing in education, it means I am investing in the future.”

The next Ukhamba Giving Event will be hosted in 2018. Relevant information will be made available in due course.

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