A way to locate and rate potential partner CSOs

Social impact and community-based organisations (CBOs) are key partners for any organisations wanting to uplift local communities, demonstrate social concern, drive staff satisfaction or simply build reputation. As a by-product of this, comes improved social license to operate, better labour partnerships or developing client relations. But do you have the resources and knowledge to identify the best CBO? How will you ensure that funds deployed achieve expected impact?

Organisations seeking credible non-profit partners realise the complexity of finding organisations with whom to uplift poor and vulnerable communities. The NGO landscape is ever-changing, and few donors can keep up. Our mapping tool enables clients to identify the right partners, and to implement successful programmes, through providing a clear, up-to-date picture of organisations working in a geographic area.

Understanding the social upliftment organisations operating in a region is critical to ensure CSO participation in uplifting disempowered and vulnerable communities. The alternative is that inefficiencies abound, work is duplicated, gaps in sectors occur and partnering with mismatched agencies/implementers can become a risk.

Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Mapping Service

Southern Africa Trust offers clients a mapping tool that provides a clear, up-to-date picture of the players in a specific area, sector approach or impact target. 

The mapping tool covers three important lenses: geographic area, mission focus and ability to implement.

Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Rating Service

Most Corporates, Governments, Development Agencies and Philanthropies want to work with appropriately skilled CSOs. Few companies have the resources and knowledge to undertake the due diligence required to determine the best fit-for-purpose CSO and manage them to ensure that the funds deployed are managed correctly to achieve expected impact.

Southern Africa Trust’s CSO rating assesses three important areas of financial management, past record (and expected projections) in achieving their stated impact, and finally their ranking when it comes to working with donors and beneficiaries alike. This combined intelligence ensures any potential donor or partner has a clear and quick view of the CSOs in a specific area, ranked according to these three pillars.