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Discussing Feminist Economics with civil society leaders of tomorrow

Masego Madzwamuse presents at Feminist Economics School

Our CEO, Masego Madzwamuse presented at the Feminist Economics Summer School (FESS) in Johannesburg during January 2020. The summer school was hosted by Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) in partnership with the Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) with an aim of raising the prominence of Feminist Economics among economics practitioners; academics, researchers, policy makers, students and activists.  

The session explored key pillars of feminist economic theory, historical origins of Feminist Economics in relation to traditional economic orthodoxy, global division of labour, global care chains, financialisaton as well as other different economic implications in Africa.

In her presentation, Madzwamuse highlighted that Feminists Economics confronts the psychology of human behaviour in decision making. She further added that Feminist Economics challenges the different economic analysis that treat women as invisible. According to Madzwamuse, “labour that women provide in the agricultural context is not counted, small-scale farmers’ contributions are almost forgotten”.

In terms of methodology, mainstream economics is too focused on men and completely overlooks the contribution that women make to the economy. For instance, how Gross Development Product (GDP) is measured reflects a heavy bias on taking stock of value produced through wage labour in the formal sector and ignores the value of unpaid domestic care work carried out predominantly by women. Feminist economics establishes that economy is a method of social provisioning and gender is a central category for analysis.

Summer School follow up workshops will be conducted in the coming months. The aim of the workshops is to help to ensure that Feminists Economics is incorporated into economic teaching and practice. #FESS2020

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