A prudent resource to manage your funds and philanthropy

Southern Africa Trust is geared to be your partner in social impact. The organisation was established in 2005 to respond to high levels of poverty and inequality. It has navigated the ever-changing and challenging conditions in the region, bringing together the right stakeholders to make eradicating poverty, possible.

Over these years of experience in uplifting communities across the Southern Africa; and has built up experienced, capable and informed fund managers within the team.

Working with struggling communities across the region, Southern Africa Trust has since inception worked to reduce poverty and inequality in the region. As Southern Africa’s social and economic capacity is realised, organisations are wanting to bolster their efforts. Having proven the impact and effectiveness of our work over the past decade and a half, let us enhance the work you do.  

We support funders from foundation to corporate to identify high-impact organisations in the most far-flung regions. As fund managers and advisors, our service includes

  • portfolio structuring
  • due diligence
  • financial management
  • capacity building and the monitoring and evaluation of impact                          

Different funders have different impact goals and needs. We manage CSI and philanthropic funding, providing solutions for organisations and individuals seeking to create healthy and sustainable societies in South and Southern Africa.

Fund management options include:                                          

  • Existing impact portfolios where your funds are maximized along existing and embedded programs of impact.                                                                                                                            
  • Tailored delivery mechanisms and programs to meet each need directly in terms of desired impact, scalability, resource allocation and intended output.

Speak to us about your impact investing requirements.