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From the desk of the CEO – Increasing our impact in 2020

As we resume operations from the holiday season, I’d like to take the opportunity share with you some of the strides that the Trust has achieved, the lessons we have learned in the process and our goals for 2020. That said, on behalf of my team, I wish you all a prosperous and productive season ahead.


The People of the Trust
The implementation of our People Plan has been central to our leadership transition journey throughout the year. As such, we conducted a staff engagement survey and leadership development programme. The outcomes of the survey confirm that our team consists of highly motivated individuals who are empowered to provide high impact services to you as our partners. Additionally, this has afforded us the opportunity to identify and recruit for key roles that will further enhance the effectiveness of our organisation.

Our team engages with partners, funders and CSO’s across the region.

The Knowledge of the Trust
We have invested many hours towards developing a source of information where partners, CSOs, funders, corporates, the media, academics as well as policymakers can access a wealth of knowledge on and expertise in development, trade, resource mobilisation, food security, agricultural policy and other areas important for addressing poverty and inequality in the SADC region. Our Knowledge Hub has been revamped with the intention of making it accessible for your research and policy advocacy efforts.  This will launch in the first quarter of 2020.

The Impact of the Trust
Our mission is to amplify the voice of the people of the region when decisions that affect them are being made. As we did with the 2019 SADC Heads of State Summit & the SADC Industrialisation Week, we have supported several CSO networks to participate in forums across the continent where leaders and policymakers continue to engage on development matters of our region. We have continued to provide platforms for inclusive dialogue. We remain engaged with SADC Secretariat, regional civil society formations and government agencies in fulfilling this mission.

Communities continue to be represented at policy development platforms.

The Programmes of the Trust
Our Programmes serve as a key enabler of our impact. It is when we support our key constituencies and work hand-in-hand with partners, that we are assured active civic engagement. Thanks to the provision of funds from our funders, we look forward to launching several new programmes in the new year, while supporting the sustainability of existing ones.

The Partners of the Trust
We will continue to give significant focus on nurturing our relationships with our partners while cultivating new ones. These include collaborating with the regional and continental bodies while supporting CSO apex organisations.

The Plans of the Trust
2020 will see an increased focus on ensuring that the Trust remains sustainable. Along with the conferencing facilities that are for hire, we have launched an investment arm where corporate organisations will be able to employ our services in the development of sustainable CSI programmes. With these plans in place, we are able to increase our grant-making and implement key programmes.

We continue to support social impact work.

Remaining engaged with our community
Ultimately, our success lies in the level of engagement we enjoy with all in our region and communities. We look forward to connecting with you via various digital platforms as well as at face-to-face platforms which will bring us together. You are invited to subscribe to our online community in order to receive regular updates from us.

To engage with us directly, please email info@southernafricatrust.org.

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