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Advancing Climate Justice Accountable Natural Resources Governance in Southern Africa

The Southern Africa Trust invites applications for grants to commission research, convene stakeholder or policy dialogues and build capacity to strengthen alliances and coalitions to advance climate justice and accountable natural resource governance in southern Africa. The Trust supports civil society organisations and marginalised groups through building regional networks and promoting interconnections to fight poverty and inequality in the region. Organisations from grassroot levels, movements, civil society groups, alliances and coalitions focusing on climate justice and natural resource governance in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Malawi may apply. Applications close at midnight CAT on 4th February 2022. For any queries, please contact To read the full concept note, click here.
Our Impact

Women Cross Border Traders Campaign – Interview with Mrs Sibongile Chilinga

Supporting women cross border traders in Zambia
Our Impact

Supporting women cross border traders in Zambia

The Southern Africa region sees a high number of women cross border traders who ply their trade with their grown and handmade produce. Access to services and information empowers these traders to operate more efficiently within respective customs laws.

We recently co-hosted a campaign in Zambia with the Southern Africa Cross Border Traders Association (SACBTA) where we launched the SMS platform which Cross Border Traders can use to get assistance with trade-related matters especially at border ports.