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The Southern Africa Trust channels the voices and the vibrancy of the vulnerable through policy in the 16 SADC countries.

We are a non-profit organisation that undertakes activities that contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality. These include activities related to public policy, official poverty reduction processes, human rights, stakeholder engagement, human and economic development, research, training and capacity building.

Our work strengthens the voice and agency of poor people in regional policy processes, to reduce poverty and inequality in Southern Africa, in ways that promote regional interconnection and a regional agenda. Our mission is to support deeper and wider civil society engagement in regional policy dialogue to overcome poverty.

Thematic Focus

Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment
We identify key drivers of regional organisations in Southern Africa and support their programmes for development and poverty eradication.
African Philanthropy
We promote and support sustainable philanthropic activities in response to the needs of vulnerable groups in Africa.
Human Development
We engage with poor and marginalised people, and connect them with the policymakers that can bring about positive change.
Sustainable Development Goals
While all 17 global goals are relevant, we prioritise those that resonate with the aspirations and mandate of the Trust, and that are key in the eradication of poverty and inequality.
Trade and Industrialisation
We promote private sector and informal cross-border traders by involving them in the regional processes of trade and industrial development.
Migration and Development
We support policy development that seeks to address migration challenges and investigate its socio-economic impact.

We engage in programmes with partners across the Southern Africa region.
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Call for Proposals

The Southern Africa Trust invites applications for grants to commission research, convene stakeholder or policy dialogues and build capacity to strengthen alliances and coalitions to

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Society Talks is a public dialogue that informs, engages and shares the experiences of marginalised communities.

To keep up with changes in the philanthropic and funding landscape, the Trust provides services to organisations that seek to gain value from our deep understanding of the SADC region’s civil society movements, investment needs, development and fund management.

This is of interest to mission-driven corporates thinking about Corporate Social Investment (CSI) structures, and seek to drive sustainable community development and growth.


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