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Southern Africa Trust

At the Southern Africa Trust, we work to strengthen the voice and agency of poor people in policy processes to reduce poverty and inequality in southern Africa. Established in 2005, the Trust works in expansive civil society engagements in national and regional policy dialogues to ensure the voices of the poor are heard, and they influence policies to end poverty.

Issues We Work On

What We Do

Climate Justice & Natural Resource Management

Our work responds to challenges emerging from the climate crisis and weak natural resource governance in southern Africa.

Economic Recovery & Social Protection

We support civil society organisations and community foundations impacted by the long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.


We undertake activities that establish and strengthen civil society alliances and groups for gender justice at regional and national levels.


We advocate for youth’s participation and empowerment in the development agenda for southern Africa.
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Internet censorship in South Africa has made it a hotbed for the use of darknets and Tor as ways to access information. altertavie The Darknet is a part of the internet thats hidden from search engines, and its growing in South Africa. It might not seem like a big deal but the Darknet can be used for illegal activities like drug trafficking, human trafficking and weapons trafficking.